President Buhari quietly secures another major victory

President Buhari stumbled at the beginning of his tenure — he did not appoint his cabinet early.

Then he stumbled again – his moral character was called in question when his close allies were accused of corruption.

Both of these are becoming big issues in his presidency.

If we factor in the current economic woes of the country (it is partly not his fault though), then we have a totally different animal to with.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind: the fear of President Buhari has gradually dissipated and they are having an increasingly difficult time hiding it.

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But one thing you can take to the bank is that the President has decimated insurgents in North East.

He has scored significant points in major parts of Maiduguri. However, one town stands out among all of them.

That town is Bama. Bama is one of the largest towns in Bornu State.

Following attacks and subsequent occupation by Boko Haram insurgents, residents completely deserted it.

The sole administrator of Bornu State Environmental Protection Agency, BOSEPA, Alhaji Nassir Surundi, said the town will be ready to receive residents in two weeks.

Massive clearance of weeds and fumigation are already in place to rid the area of pests and rodents.

Surundi said 1,000 personnel had been deployed to Bama to facilitate the clean-up of the town.

Recall that Bama was tagged Boko Haram’s [neutralization] fields.

The insurgents were said to have thrown thousands of [neutralized] persons into the Yedzaram River and boreholes in Bama town.

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The BOSEPA boss said 17 streets had so far been cleared of giant weeds that had taken over the town since residents fled.

To facilitate their return to Bama, President Buhari’s international diplomacy secured an extra $41 million to the relief work.

The meeting was on the margins of the 71st United Nations General Assembly.

It’s a major victory for Buhari and Nigerians to have both dislodged Boko Haram, clean the town, secure additional funding and help resettle residents to their homes.