Where is PRESIDENT EL RUFAI in Southern Kaduna?

As a caveat, this post will be very acidic. If you don’t want your intellectual taste buds fried, leave now!

Governor Nasir El Rufai comes is the target of out bull’s eye today. We will go straight to the point.

  1. Do you know that El Rufai paid the fourth most deadly terror group (Fulani Herdsmen) for [neutralizing] southern Kaduna residents?
  2. Do you know that those he paid are not Nigerian Fulani? El RUfai said so himself. In other words, El Rufai sponsored the [neutralization] of his kinsmen?
  3. Do you know that over the past few weeks that more than 50 villages have been attacked by Fulani herdsmen in Southern Kaduna?
  4. Do you know that more than 900 persons have been [neutralized] by these people?
  5. Do you know that on Christmas day, El Rufai imposed 24 hours curfew, yet these same marauders entered in broad daylight and did the usual?
  6. Do you know that not a single Fulani herdsman has been arrested for the genocide in Southern Kaduna?
  7. Do you know that the Christmas day [neutralization] happened few days after El Rufai was pelted with stones in Southern Kaduna?
  8. Do you know that the area where the [neutralization] is happening has Army bases and high-level security presence?
  9. Do you know that President Buhari said he has no business addressing the [neutralization] in Kaduna by Fulani herdsmen?
  10. Do you know that El Rufai said there will be [neutralizations] on Christmas day, but that Niger Delta Militants will be the actors? He said Avengers will disguise as Fulani Herdsmen.
  11. Do you know that Southern Kaduna is predominantly Christian?
  12. Do you know that El RUfai and Muhammadu Buhari are Fulanis?

Governor El Rufai says the most ignorant things. He has no filters to keep him from sounding really stupid.

It feels like a 10-year-old midget was elected Governor of Kaduna State, while an 85 years old Grandfather was elected President of Nigeria.

Everything coming from El Rufai’s mouth is so sad.

We have never seen a Governor so wrong like Mr. El Rufai.

How can you claim Niger Delta Militants attacked your people. YOU’RE PEOPLE!

Where is President EL RUFAI in Southern Kaduna? We mean the one whose body is in Aso Villa but his brain is in Kaduna State.