President Trump begins deportation of Muslims from USA

True to his word, President Donald Trump has commenced a mass purge of persons the intelligence community see as threats to the United States.

No fewer than 90 Somali nationals and two Kenyans were shipped back to their home countries yesterday.

The deportees arrived at the Nairobi airport at midday aboard Omni, an American Charter Airline.

According to Africa Review, the Somalis then boarded a flight that left for Mogadishu at 3pm (+3GMT).

Security sources at the airport said the travelers were accompanied by security officers, who also accompanied them to Mogadishu.

Airport police boss, Zipporah Waweru, confirmed that there had been a plane carrying Somalis in transit to Mogadishu.

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“They have left and to me, they looked happy so I cannot for sure tell you that they were deported or not,” Waweru said.

President Trump had vowed during the campaign for the White House to kick out illegal immigrants.

He said his purge will begin with immigrants with criminal records, saying they would be deported at their own cost.

On Tuesday, President Trump said he was ready to build a wall on the Mexican border and send away illegal immigrants.

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Officials said President Trump had directed that migrant quotas and programs be cut, thus slowing down the processing of visas.

The orders would restrict immigration and access to the US for refugees and visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

During his campaign, President Trump said he would deport or jail up to three million illegal migrants.