Read what Aisha Buhari said about Fayose in USA

Ayodele Fayose has challenged Aisha Buhari to prove him wrong on his claim that Aisha Buhari is not the same one fingered in a scandal in USA.

According to Fayose, “If they are claiming that another Aisha Buhari was the one involved, shouldn’t they just unravel this mysterious impersonator?

“Their only defense is: it was another Aisha Buhari that was involved.

“But I have the Aisha Buhari on tape where she denied,” Fayose claimed.

Aisha Buhari had asked Fayose to retract his comments or face a law suit.

She gave him a five-day ultimatum to apologize.

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Fayose refused.

Aisha filed the suit.

Fayose had also requested that Aisha traveled to USA.

She did.

So far, nothing has happened.

Commenting on the legal battle with Fayose during an interview with VOA, the Aisha Buhari said she had the right to take him to court.

According to the president’s wife, “All these started during the campaign period.

“He was not the only who was abusing me.

“Others did that.

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“But after the election, which Allah made us to win, and they to lose, everybody kept quiet.

“But Fayose kept on abusing people and eventually he started abusing me too.

“I don’t know those places and people he mentioned.

“I never chose myself for this post, but God chose it for me. I am not even the one who contested election.

“I have never abused him.

“I don’t even know him as a person.

“How can he be accusing me of what I have no idea of?

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“I won’t let this go,” Aisha said.

On Fayose’s abuse, Aisha had tweeted that Fayose “Enough is enough.

“Fayose is an unchained mad dog. If Buhari is 73 years old, I Aisha is 45 years.

I have more than enough energy to face you,” Aisha tweeted.

The tweet was immediately deleted after it went viral.