Read Col. Umar Dangiwa’s shocking message to PMB

It is common knowledge that ideas are not stopped by guns and bombs.

Once enamored by an idea, people will go over, under, around, or through a barrage of guns or bombs to maintain their resolve.

The Niger Delta problems and other agitations in Southern Nigerian has grown beyond defense for feeding bottles.

People are actually dying to defend what they believe in.

This is exactly why Retired Colonel Umar Dangiwa has taken President Muhammadu Buhari to the cleaners.

The retired Colonel lambasted the President’s initiation of “Operation Crocodile Smiles” in Niger Delta.

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Operation Crocodile Smile is the code name for an order issued by President Buhari to Nigerian Military to secure the nation’s assets in the Niger Delta Region by all means.

“I need not remind the President that a war in the Niger Delta will be viewed and opposed by most objective Nigerians.

“The International community will also view it as an ploy to control and exploit the region’s oil and gas resources.

“As a retired General, Mr. President is well aware of the serious and daunting challenges any military will face in its operations in the most difficult and densely populated Niger Delta region.

“The creeks are so heavily polluted with oil, rendering them highly inflammable.

“It will take the firing of a few high explosive shells to set the whole area on fire, resulting in inestimable collateral damage among innocent civilians.

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“This is happening after the President was quoted as vowing to deal with the militants as he did Boko Haram,” Umar said.

“Niger Delta militants cannot be said to be terrorists in the real sense of the word and I believe they are amenable to meaningful dialogue.

“It is also difficult to see how an armed conflict can secure our oil and gas assets in the region.

“Instead it will aid the destructive activities of the militants and lead to total shut down of all oil and gas operations in the area,” Umar said.