Recession: How Boko Haram plans to capture Buhari

More over the top hyperbole from the Nigerian Army. They had arrogantly sermonized about how they [neutralized] Shekau.

Of course, President Buhari cannot discuss the issues.

He has failed in foreign policy and domestically–he must attack and blame past administrations personally.

We have been told how Boko Haram is no longer a threat and how Shekau has been [neutralized] a gazillion times.

No one believes the spin anymore as Boko Haram, which has been technically defeated (according to President Buhari), has said it will capture the president, alive!

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The group said it would capture the president from his Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“Our message to the infidels and especially their leader, President Muhammadu Buhari, is that he should know that we are still in this religion.

“They keep saying that they have defeated us. It is not true. We are in good health and succeeding in our cause.

“We are very strong and doing very well.

“This infidel by the name Buhari says he will finish us. He cannot.

“He should know that by the grace of Allah, he cannot finish us. Rather, he will be [neutralized].

“By the will of Allah, under the leadership of our leader (Shekau), we will capture Buhari with our hands.

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“My last message is to you Buratai, Kukasheka Sani and the rest of the infidels.

“We are ready and even stronger now.

“We will go to where we never were before now and destroy what we never destroyed before now.

“No retreat, no surrender by the grace of God!

“We shall [neutralize you with our swords and guns. Allah is going to help us.

“And you shall see how he is going to do that soon,” the group said.

It is widely reported that Boko Haram has been hit hard by supplies, including food, weapons and other logistics.

Is the economic recession plunging the group into anarchistic tendencies?

Are they planning on expediting their get-together with seventy something virgins?