Recession: Ex-Military men says they want to fight again

Retired military officers from the Army, Navy and Air force has declared their willingness to help the nation in fighting insurgency.

The ex-officers made the statement through their umbrella body, Officers Association of Nigeria.

The National President of the association, Lt. Col. Antony Ogbomo (rtd), made the statement while speaking with journalists after the zonal executive committee meeting of the association in Edo.

Colonel Anthony said the younger members of the association were ready, if called upon, to assist the nation in fight against insurgency.

Off course they want to be paid too!

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Colonel Anthony therefore called on President Buhari to revive the National Reserve Scheme.

He said the scheme has a pool of experienced ex-military men who are able at any time their services were required.

He said, “We are still useful and can still contribute to the development and wellbeing of the nation.

“Our men can still be called back even to assist in tackling insurgency and they are ready.

“I visited the Honorable Minister of Defense a few weeks back and this was one of the issues I discussed with him on behalf of the association.

“I let him understand the fact that there is the need for the government to resuscitate the National Reserve Scheme and implement it.

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“If it is implemented, majority of our officers can be called back to the service.

“They will be able to take care of some of the activities that those in active service will rather not be involved in,” Colonel Anthony said.

He then sited the battle action in the troubled North East.

“Those in the reserve scheme can be used to carter for the barracks, the logistics chain, so that they can take care of the combat zone,” Anthony said.

The call is coming when Army pensions and that of other retired civil servants are yet to be paid.

Being recalled into active service means the ex-service men will earn some money.