RECESSION: I am paid N292,500 per month – Buhari

The euphoria that had come with the stunning 2015 victory of President Buhari over Goodluck Jonathan has grown sour.

This can be likened to first winning a lottery and then receiving a death sentence for drunk driving.

This is just a classic instance of quick dissipation of joy with a sense of job insecurity, isolation, and tragic blunder.

Recall that the President said he’d cut his salary. We don’t know if he did. He said he’d publicly declare his asset. He did not do it.

Economic confidential reports that PMB and other Aso villa people pocketed N2.295 billion as official salaries and allowances.

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The development is coming at a time the FG kick-started a national orientation campaign premised on the “Change Begins with me.”

The salary packages include annual salaries, accommodation, vehicle maintenance, House maintenance, domestic staff, Hardship allowance, and others.

A critical examination of the report indicates that Mr. President has an annual basic salary of N3.51m, Vice- President N3.03m.

Ministers, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Head of Service and Chairmen of Boards of statutory agencies have N2.02m respectively.

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The President and the Vice-President enjoy a hardship allowance of 50% each of their annual basic salaries.

They also pocket 250% as Constituency Allowances and enjoy other perks to provided by the government.

Whatever happens in that Aso Villa is not good.

One thing we are sure of is that most Aso Villa occupants are full of themselves.

They’re certainly full of something. They are full of our common patrimony.

Perhaps our government leaders think they can just buffalo us to a corner by stating what they are paid.

They do this expecting us to migrate to political halleluiah boys (in Patrick Obaighbon’s voice.)

But we find it ludicrous for such statements to be coming from Aso Villa. They should fix the economy.