Relocating to another country is bad decision – Buhari

Anyone who is politically, legislatively or realistically knowledgeable is sitting back in total awe at the gullibility of the Nigerian public.

Mind control personified en masse. We are back to 1984. Literally!

We really believe that the freedoms we celebrate on the first of October are in jeopardy but not by other countries so much.

This country is on the way to ruination and it’s not going to be a war that does us in.

The rules our founding fathers drew up as the blueprint for a great society are being manipulated and litigated to pieces.

This is done by greedy people who have the money to buy off greedy politicians and those who live in a rock called Aso.

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They have the power to change the rules and they are fast doing that.

The President had serially told us he’d salvage the country and take us all to ElDorado.

He has changed his mind.

Well, the President was in Edo State two days ago. He told a crowd at the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium that Nigerians should not despair in the face of prevailing economic adversities.

“We are a nation of great human and material resources especially the youth.

“We have no other nation like Nigeria; no matter where you go.

“We may as well remain here and salvage it together.

“No matter where you go, you may defy the Sahara Desert or the Mediterranean, if you are lucky and not killed by drought.

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“But what you get there, the mere color of your skin will be a problem for you.

“This generation and indeed future generations of Nigerians have no other country they can call their own.

“We must stay here and salvage it together.

“I assure you we are going to get out of these our economic doldrums soonest.

“We are almost out of our insecurity problems and we are going to make Nigeria great again.

“We are going to be very proud of our country and our size and our resources will not be for nothing,” the President said.