Renewed Bola Ige’s trial points to Otta farm?

Reprieve seem to be underway for the family of a onetime Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, late Chief Bola Ige.

A prime suspect in Bola Ige’s murder had been Senator Omisore.

Senator Omisore claims he was being framed up in Ige’s murder.

He said Bola Ige was probably murdered so as to cover up the murder of a former House of Assembly member, Hon. Odunayo Olagbaju

Ognuadyo was also killed few days before Ige.

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Recall the Bola Ige served under OBJ before he was killed in 2001.

Investigations into Ige’s murder was inconclusive and the matter laid to rest.

On resumption of office, and on the orders from the Presidency, the acting IG of police, Ibrahim Idris decided to resurrect the cold case.

An investigative ploice team finally made headway in the case when they arrested someone whom they refused to name, but believes was the financier of the murder.

Following exhaustive questioning, one of the suspects allegedly named a politician “Who was based in Abuja at the time” as their financier.

The police however said it is yet unclear whether other persons also financed Bola Ige’s execution.

According to police sources, the suspect also confessed that their ‘chief’ always got their rewards from Abuja.

The statement further reveals that the hit squad might have done other jobs for whoever it was that was sponsoring the high profile killings.

“The assumption for now is that it was the handiwork of political opponents.

“Another theory may be that some contractors must have had a brush with the Chief, who was said did not have time for corrupt people,” a police source stated.

“The investigation would be reasonably completed with the arrest of the Abuja financiers.

“We are looking for him now, immediately he’s arrested, probably in the coming week, we’ll take the next necessary step.

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“Then we will begin the process of prosecution,” the source said.

Another suspect in Bola Ige’s murder is Chief Ayo Adebanjo.

Adebanjo decried how “The Number one Chief Law Officer of the Federation at that time could be killed in his house.

He argued that former President Olusegun Obasanjo knows how Bola Ige was murdered.

Why Bola Ige’s murder is being investigated is yet uncertain.

However, we believe the renewed vigor in the trial and the speed at which the Nigerian police has suddenly made breakthroughs, a thing she couldn’t do for years, hints that something big is about to happen in political circles.