Revealed: The men behind Chibok scam

On the night of 14–15 April 2014, 276 female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in the town of Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria. Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the kidnaps.

Since then, 57 of the schoolgirls managed to ‘escape’ over the next few months and some have described their capture in appearances at international human rights conferences.

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Since then hopes were raised on various occasions that the 219 remaining girls might be released. Newspaper reports suggested that Boko Haram was hoping to use the girls as a negotiating pawns in exchange for some of their commanders in jail.

Few days prior to Buhari’s first year anniversary, one of the missing girls was found. She claimed that the remaining girls were still there, but that six had died. A second girl was, but parents have expressed doubts as her name is not among those originally missing.

Ali Modu Sheriff was in ANPP. He was the Governor of Bornu State when Boko Haram was born. Ali Modu Sheriff, who recently decamped to PDP, was the fellow that extra judicially murdered the leader of Boko Haram. Thereafter, the sect went berserk.

Recall that both local and international news outlets have accused Sheriff as the founder of Boko Haram. That he funded them at the early stages of their emergence is not in doubt. That he held several meetings with top hierarchy of the sect is not in doubt too.

Amodu Sheriff handed over to Kashim Shettima. Kashim was also in ANPP. ANPP formed alliance with President Buhari’s CPC, a faction of APGA and other smaller parties, creating APC.

During Kashim’s first tenure, the Chibok saga happened. The Nigerian military had four hours’ advance warning of the kidnapping, but ‘failed’ to send reinforcements to protect the school. Nigeria’s armed forces said they couldn’t protect the school because their over-extended forces were unable to mobilize reinforcements.

Between Shetima and Kashim, somebody organized the disappearance of over 270 Nigerian school girls. We say organized for the following reasons:

  1. The second Chibok girl ‘rescued’ is said to 15 years now. That means she was 13 when she was in SS3 and a fetus when she was in primary 1.
  2. The second Chibok girl ‘rescued’ was a JSS 1 student.
  3. The school was on holiday. What was she doing in school then? Recall that she lives in Adamawa state.
  4. Does any school in Nigeria admit during a holiday period in April /or Third Term?
  5. The girls were abducted during a WAEC exam which happened during holiday and the girls as was said conveyed from many schools to Chibok to per-take in the Exam.
  6. Trucks were used to ferry the girls out of town. How Boko Haram got these trucks needs to be answered by Shettima and Kashim.

Recall that an insider during former president Goodluck Jonathan, Femi Fani Kayode has stated that: “One thing I know is that most of Modu Sheriff’s funding and stupendous wealth emanates primarily from the Republic of Chad.

“That country is as much a home to him as is Nigeria. Yet it is not his connection with Chad that give me cause for concern. Rather it is his role in the establishment of Boko Haram.”

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We can safely conclude that that the past governors of Bornu State, name Shetima and Kashim and other hidden accomplices did a hatchet job to discredit Goodluck Jonathan and curry sympathy for their party. That is the reason two Chibok girls were ‘rescued’ just day prior Buhari’s first year anniversary as President.