Ribadu set to return as EFCC Chairman?

Barely hours after Nuhu Ribadu returned to APC, he’s embarked on his first political outing.

He’s was a speech mixed with both caution and eulogies.

Reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari’s anticorruption campaign, Ribadu stated He sees in PMB, a political will and resolve to root out corruption.

“I see in the present leadership, specifically the president, the will to allow the war to be fought without interference.

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“He is eager to support it in whatever way possible.

“These two points are important prerequisite in winning the anti-corruption war.”

In a veiled statement to the current EFCC chairman, Magu, Ribadu stated that assets forfeiture, as a plea bargain strategy is an “Integral component of the anti-corruption work as it serves many purposes within the anticorruption framework.

“First, it serves as restitution in the sense that what was ill gotten is returned to the right owner(s).

“Similarly, through proceeds of final asset forfeiture, government can make extra money that can be channeled to projects that would enable growth and development of the state.

According to Ribadu, a “specialized element of the anticorruption process, asset recovery requires professional and dedicated people.

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This should “Comprise investigators, prosecutors and managers to handle it jointly for effectiveness and to drive the maximum benefits

“Whatever success that is made of forfeiture or recoveries depend on the thoroughness of the investigation.

The “Deiligence of prosecution and ability of investigators to trace whatever is traceable and recoverable’” is important too.

“The success of asset forfeiture begins with the investigation,” Ribadu said.

“It should also be made sure that the right of the individual to enjoy the ownership and use of his property is guaranteed.

“This calls for flexibility so as not to be harmful to the society in the process of restraining an asset by way of sending innocent workers away from work when businesses are forced to close.

“In doing all this, transparency and accountability are very key to whatever we do.

Then Mr. Ribadu took a sharp turn and stated this: “When we embarked on asset recovery we exercised “Restraint in handling many cases including Globacom, Honda Place and Sun newspapers.”

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“We prioritized saving the businesses by considering the larger picture than just shutting down the premises.”

This statement seem to be in reference to sealing off of business premises including Ben Bruce’s Channel’s TV and others.

Ribadu’s statement is not unconnected with rumors that Buhari may have seen the lackluster manner in which Magu has handled and bungled many anti-corruption cases.