Rochas is building a university in this Northern State

Greetings to you, your excellency!

It is an opportunity to write to you this day, the 14th of July, 2016 on the present state of the Imo State your state and my state.

According to Bawa, hear this; “this governor just ended up deceiving us with his philanthropic mantra both within and outside the state.

“In fact, as a civil servant with the ministry of commerce and industry, non-payment of our salaries have increased cumulatively with no hope in sight.

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“May God punish this governor and APC”.

The words of Bawa in an unhappy manner.

Your excellency, hear this other person, an anonymous “he keeps destroying buildings in the state and even subject the civil-servants in the state to a state of penury.

“This is the worst governor we have ever had and particularly coming from the APC”.

The above might as well be referred to as the “Vox Pot” where express their feelings on a particular subject-matter.

The people of Imo State are crying out loud to the world expressing their displeasure.

I remembered my last visit to the state, during your first tenure, I was impressed with the level of developments in infrastructure-wise.

I saw the networks of road and the instilling of civility in the state.

How come all of that have changed sir?

In fact, I supported you wholeheartedly in your first tenure and even your second election at the detriment of my brother and uncle; Honourable Emeka Ihedioha.

I did that because of the belief in your cause but it seems regret is now beginning to hold sway if not swayed.

I read in a national daily of your plan to establish a college in Bauchi State during the 40th anniversary celebration of the creation of Imo state.

Mallam Nasir El Rufai has this to say “Governor Okorocha is the Nostrademus of the state, who saw tomorrow to join the APC”.

Governor Abubarkar issued a certificate of occupancy to hasten the project in his state.

And even a writer likened you to the “Ragged Trousered Philantropist” by Robert Tressell.

Mr. Governor, it is not that I am against your gesture but that your sensitivity in the state is key.

Now, you plan building a college in Bauchi State all for your own selfish interest and political ambition.

This is at the detriment of Imolites whose salaries have not been paid.

Inspite of the bail-outs by the federal government, workers still complain.

However, I looked at you as a human being that before your entrance in the seat of government, you were kind-hearted as to help the impoverished.

Little did we know that it was all “PROPAGANDA”.

If I may ask, what is the rationale behind you building schools and mosques outside the state and still owe your workers?

I will swiftly answer that it is illogical, irrational and the height of ruthlessness.

Essentially, I am beginning to develop some level of distrust in you and your party.

Imolites are suffering, Nigerians are suffering.

As at the last count, Imo workers are owed backlog of salaries.

Doctors are owed between 4-5 months.

Teachers are owed 13 months of salaries and allowances and here you are playing donatus in Bauchi.

This is apparent because you are trying to play second fiddle in 2019.

Yet you are the Nostrademus who cannot see tomorrow for the state.

It is not in my character to blame someone without suggesting solution.

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Hence, I recommend that you sheath the sword of party affinity and look into the pressing needs of Imolites.

Whether you like it or not, you are an Igbo man from Orlu extraction.

Your home is there and your people are there.

So, you must have it at the back of your mind that exploitation will only pave ways for self destructions.

Rekindle the pride of the revered state and path the way of construction and not destruction.

Thank you.

Donald U. Ugo