Rochas Okorocha: “I will make sure Buhari wins 2019 presidential election”

Governor Rochas Owelle Okorocha of Imo State has declared he won’t be contesting for presidency in 2019. According to him, President Muhammadu Buhari has changed the lot of Nigerians and as such requires his support for another term in office.

Speaking to Journalists, said: “I have been running for the presidency until God said I should settle for the Imo governorship.

“My passion to become the President of the country is not borne out of thirst for the position, but had arisen out of the eagerness to offer the nation and her people a strong leadership; the essence would be to build a nation of our collective dreams and aspirations.

“President Buhari came in and, within one year, Nigeria has once again got the doors of the rest of the world opened for her. He has shown courage, confidence, maturity and strong leadership. There is now high feelings of leadership in the country. What he, therefore, needs is to be supported and encouraged.”

Recall that Rochas Okorocha’s Imo State is proving difficult to be managed by Okorocha’s administration. Last month, an analysis carried out by the Independent Corrupt Practices and related offenses Commission (ICPC) revealed that most of the states that received bailout funds from the federal government diverted the money for other means. Imo State topped that chart.

The report showed how Governor Rochas Okorocha-led government transferred N2 billion into a government house account, paid another N2 billion into Imo state project account and another N2 billion was lodged in a micro-finance bank and a ‘management fee’ of N21 million paid into an unspecified account out of the bailout fund received by the state.

Workers in Okorocha’s Imo State are owed many months salaries despite bail out funds disbursed to the State. One wonders whether Rochas Okorocha should ever contribute to our national polity or hide his head in shame.