Ruling Nigeria is now difficult — Buhari

With President Muhammadu Buhari’s failing health and age, the septuagenarian finally cries out to the surprise of aides.

Speaking with some members of the Federal executive council yesterday (Tuesday), Buhari stated that “It strengthens our resolve to build our country to make it stronger and to make sure that the incoming generations are sufficiently motivated to be patriotic.

“It is no news that we are the biggest country in Africa, we are the economy engine of Africa, which are true by the way.

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“But, we must always be patriotic in our dealings with others.

“This (Ramadan) month of prayers and service to God, let us keep on these prayers all the times, believing that God in His infinite mercy will listen to our prayers.

“And give us peace, security and better the economy once more, so that we can quickly rebuild and even do more for the country.

“Let me assure that the time of Ramadan is making us more conscious of what leaders at every level ought to do, and leading the people is not a joke.

“It means accepting responsibilities for good or wrong. We need a lot of prayer. Certainly, with the nation’s economy going down.

“Haven’t developed the agriculture, we are still trying to talk on those who will come and develop the solid mineral for us.

“We need to reflect very seriously on what happened between 1967 and 1970 where about two millions Nigerians lost their lives.

“At that time, as young military officers, you hardly heard of anything about petroleum or whatever money you got from it.

“Look at what Gen. Gowon said; `To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done’ and every soldier whether he has been to school or not knew what the General meant.

“But, we were quarreling with our brothers, we were not fighting an enemy and then somebody is saying that once again he wants Biafra.

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“I think this is because he was not born when there was Biafra. We have to reflect on the historical antecedent to appreciate what is before us now.”

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo and other FEC members stood, mouth agape.