Is it safe to arm 5000 civilians in this era of insurgency?

Make of their intent as you choose to interpret it, the bottom line, for whatever reason, is that government has failed to protect lives and property.

It is a slap on the face of our leaders that civilians have taken up arms in defense of their life and properties.

We cannot tell whether this is legal or enshrined in our constitution, but we perceive that the doctrine of necessity is at play here.

The location is Bama, Borno State.

Residents of Bama said they have ‘contributed’ armed men to back up civilian JTF and security agencies in fight against Boko Haram.

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Bama, the second largest town in Borno State, was the worst hit by the Boko Haram insurgency.

Bama Elders Forum led by Hon. Al-Amin Kamsalem, said they had keyed into the ongoing reconstruction plan of Bama by the Borno State Government.

According to Kamsalem, “All Bama professionals will render free services towards the rebuilding of our town.

“We will contribute financially, morally and spiritually towards the rebuilding of Bama and the continued peace of the town.

“The elders and the people of the community have equally mobilized our people to secure the town.

“We have Civilian JTF, local hunters and vigilantes already willing to protect the town against aggressors.

“All these people are ready to complement the security agencies.

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“We have donated 5,000 men to guard against any form of aggression on Bama; these are local hunters and Civilian JTF.

“Our people are already on ground, assisting in the ongoing reconstruction of the town.

“We are all yearning to come back to our homes. Immediately the homes are ready, everyone would move in.”

As good as the intent might be, shouldn’t the government be involved in the selection and training of such personnel?

If civilians elsewhere arm themselves, will the government take it? Will it be frowned at?