Bukola Saraki and Buhari reconciled yesterday?

If there is a problem with the economy, it is not with the population but its governance.

Integrity, transparency, and fairness are the cornerstone of a just government.

To fail at this is to fail at having good character and our leaders need to reflect good, moral character.

From Buhari’s body language, it is becoming increasingly clear clearer that Mr. President is neither good nor moral.

If we add the current leadership in the National Assembly to the equation, we have a totally different animal to deal with.

We don’t know the President is fighting Saraki and leaving out Dogara.

We don’t know why he balked at Jibrin but left out Gbajabiamila.

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We don’t know why both the executive and legislative arms of government brazenly steal our commons and turn around to play the moral card?

Take this for instance: You’ve heard of people who smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day and are soon diagnosed with lung cancer?

Do we need to feel sorry for them?

This administration has made it possible for EFCC to wage a selective anticorruption drive.

Like the chain smokers, we deserve what we get.

The greatest angst against morality is when Senator Bukola Saraki calls on Nigerians to engage in spiritual warfare as a means of getting out of recession.

Saraki made the call after he finished praying with his ‘frenemy’, President Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

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According to Saraki, “With prayer, we will overcome this economic recession.

“The most important thing is for us to stay together and give the President support.

“Once again, as a country in this period, we will continue to pray.

“On Sunday, the day of Arafat, we offer prayer for our leaders and President so that we can do what is right because we feel the pain.

“We know what the country is going through.

“Because there is no Nigerian with blood flowing through that will not know that things are difficult now.

“We pray that with God’s guidance, He will see us through,” Saraki said.

Simply put: This is hypocrisy.