Tension: Senate to ban Almajiri and all street begging

The Nigerian Senate has concluded plans to enact a law that will see the popular AlMajiri and all forms of street begging as illegal.

The Senate the begging menace has become a huge embarrassment to the country.

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The lawmaker representing Bauchi-Central Senatorial District, Senator Isah Hamma Misau, while moving a motion titled, ‘Menace of Street Begging and the Need to Rehabilitate Beggars,’ expressed concern over the spate of street begging and nuisance it constitutes on the streets of city centers across the country.

“Though street begging is a global urban problem, the situation in Nigeria appears intractable and overwhelming.

“Beggars are now found everywhere, especially at motor parks, religious centers, road junctions, and other public places.

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“In recent times, there appear to be a new vogue of beggars in town, derisively known as corporate beggars.

“These beggars take advantage of the sympathy of the society for the less privileged to remain jobless.

“At times, they team up with street urchins to perpetrate crimes in the name of street begging,” the senator noted.