Shameful: How Patience Jonathan used houseboy

Something is happening in Jonathanvile and that thing is not good.

The former first family has gone from one money scandal to the other in the past few days.

In all of the revelations, Dame Patience Jonathan has been on the receiving end of most investigations.

It is a fact that all fraudulent monies have been directly traced to her.

She openly admitted this and even filed a suit to claim that one fraudulent account frozen by EFCC belonged to her.

The story here is not so much about political witch-hunt.

Anyone with half-a-brain can see that the woman and her cronies stole us blind.

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The real story here is the habitual lying. The woman just cannot be honest and tell the truth.

Well, the latest coming from the Jonathans is the arrest of three domestic attaché to former Goodluck Jonathan.

The Anti-graft agency says she traced $15 million dollars to one of Patience Jonathan houseboys.

The money is a further revelation of the ongoing money laundering scandal involving Patience Jonathan’s accounts.

According to the EFCC, “One of them was a houseboy while another one was a driver.

“Their photographs were used in opening the accounts and their signatures were forged.

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“We found out that these domestic servants were completely innocent because they had no access to the accounts.

“We have since released them. The sole signatory to the accounts was Patience Jonathan and she was issued with a special card, which is accepted worldwide.

“She has a separate account, which was opened in her name and has a balance of $5m.

“This is a clear case of fraud and there is no way the bank officials will say they did not know what was going on.

“They are under investigation and those found culpable will be arraigned.”