Shekau resurfaces, says what he will do to Buhari

Abubakar Shekau (of Boko Haram) has released a new video.

In the 24 minutes video, Shekau’s Boko detailed how he’d enter Buhari’s house and do Alah’s will.

Here are excerpts of Shekau’s message “All praise is due to Allah. Peace be upon you our Muslim brethren.

“Glad tidings to you o, Muslim brethren.

“We, by the leave of God the Most High, will fight the non-believers until we see that God’s word is the most high.

“We don’t declare as apostate except he that God has declared apostate.

“We are on our resolve by God’s leave to follow the book and tradition based on the understanding of pious predecessors.

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“O our scholars, o our respected scholars be patient, patience after patience, by the leave of the Most High God.

“We shall humiliate America and Nigeria.

“This is what we wish to talk about by the leave of God the Most High.

“Oh, Buhari die in your rage. I am alive.

“Our second message to the human idols, the infidels and the apostates, especially the idols of West Africa.

“Do not boast about what happened between us and our brethren.

“These kind of things will not be strange to us in Islamic religion.

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“Differences do occur. This type of difference is not a new thing.

“Even if you are happy, soon God will mend our relationship with our brethren, and you should die with your anguish by God’s will.

“We don’t fight anybody except those that God fights.

“So we are telling you, o you Kukasheka and your Buratai.

“We have come out to fight the world. Hear well.

“We are informing that the war has just started today.

“Hear well. Die with your anguish. And you should listen.

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“O you big human idol that is called Buhari, wait, you will soon see us in your house.

“Very soon you will see us in the middle of your house.

“It’s God that will do it, not us. Don’t say we can’t. God will do it.

“With all the securities that you rely on, we only rely on God.

“Your security are your confidence, your soldiers too.

“We rely on God. God is our strength. You will see.

“You will be surprised. You will see us in the middle of your house.

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“You will see us in your Abuja. We will crush unbelief.

“We will burn your flag of disbelief with green white green.

“We will replace it with black flag on which is written in white color there is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

“We will put that flag in place of that your flag of disbelief.

“Under this flag work will be done for God the most high.

“God’s law will be enforced. We will demolish all signs of disbelief,” Shekau ranted.