Shocking! President Buhari is corrupt — Governor

Late activist, Gani Fahwemi once stated that “It is illegal to talk about legality in an atmosphere of illegality.” In other words, Buhari can’t fight corruption in an atmosphere of the corrupt.

That seem to be the tune Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State is presently singing.

According to Fayose, President Muhammadu Buhari is using a “Corrupt” EFCC to fight corruption. This is an illegality and by extrapolation, corruption.

“President Buhari is corrupt.

“He tried to buy the conscience of the Ekiti House of Assembly members.

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“The APC people have become increasingly afraid of 2018 and the agencies of the Federal Government should know that no matter how hard they try, Ekiti electorate will not be deceived by their blackmail.

“The EFCC should be told in clear terms that this is 2016 and not 2006 when impeachment notices against governors were signed on the table of the EFCC operatives.

“Those who are tele-guiding the EFCC now should also be reminded that they did more than what they are doing now in 2006.

“I was overwhelmingly voted for by the Ekiti people eight years after the orchestrated impeachment which the Supreme Court declared illegal.

“Should Nigerians now conclude that the EFCC is an appendage of the APC?

“Is the EFCC for investigation of corrupt practices among all Nigerians or members of opposition parties alone?

“The EFCC leaders’ opinions remain their opinions and if they are so sure of whatever information they have, they should go to court.

“EFCC must stop subjecting Nigerians to media trial.

“No amount of media trial from the same elements that orchestrated my removal in 2006 can erode my popularity among Ekiti people.

“As a promising candidate of my party, I cannot stop Nigerians from supporting my election like every other candidate of other political parties, including President Buhari.

“If they have anything against me, they should keep their gun powder dry.

“In 2006 when they took me to court, their allegations crumbled like a pack of cards because court decisions are founded on facts and law.

“The EFCC has not also said that Ekiti money was stolen and that my election was funded with Ekiti State money.

“Nigerians are suffering. States can no longer pay workers’ salaries. A a liter of kerosene is now N220.

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“A bag of rice is now N20,000 and some people will sit in the Presidential Villa and expect that all of us should keep silent? That’s not possible!

“No amount of media trial by agents of the Buhari-led APC government will make me to stop baring my mind on the cluelessness of the Federal Government,” he said