six reasons why Tiwa Savages’ marriage broke down

Social media was abuzz last week following Teebillz’ threat of committing suicide. He’s close friends prevented his attempted suicide. On the heels of that, Teebillz narrated his stormy relationship with Tiwa Savage. Infifelity was his bone of contention. Tiwa took to social media and told her side of the story. Today, the rest is history.

Both couples had a perfect societal wedding in faraway Dubai. The crème de la crème graced the occasion. One wonders why the fairy tale love story ended in fracas. Here are some reasons why that maariage broke-down.

1. Late Nights

Most celebrities keep late nights. They are either hanging out with peers or they’re out on one showbiz or the other. According to Tiwa, My Husband “Leaves home and doesn’t come back until 7AM, at times 2PM following day.”

Advise: If you must keep late night, do it with your spouse but it shouldn’t be a norm in your home.


2. Pride

Pride goes before a fall. Men are major culprits in this. Men need not be afraid of their wives’ accomplishments, rather husband should cheer their women on. Over-bloated ego and wanting to live higher than their means contributed to Tiwa and Teebillz’ marriage collapse.

Advise: Be humble to your spouse. A wife is to submit to her husband while a husband is love his wife.

3. Money

Most people don’t ever divulge the amount they earn to their spouses. This is shocking to say the least. When a couple of starved of funds, he/she may resolve to stealing. Tiwa accused Teebillz of defrauding her massively. Hear her: “TJ would declare they (clients) paid N3m. Meanwhile they paid N4.5m, and out of the N3M he’s still receiving his management fee of 40%. So you are basically stealing from your wife and it doesn’t feel anything.”

Advise: Every husband MUST get a job. If you don’t have one (heavens forbid), then don’t steal from your wife.

4. Alcohol and Drugs

Tiwa alleged that Teebillz often took alcohol and cocaine. Alcoholism and hard drugs come with many societal problems including physical and verbal abuse, neglect and irresponsibility. Tiwa said of Teebillz, “You come back drunk, angry; we were living on eggshells because we never know what mood he’ll be in. At times I even pray that he’s with another woman, so that way I know he’s still alive and has not gotten drunk in an accident or something else….Or should we talk about the fact that I walked in on him taking cocaine in my house when we were still leaving in 1004 then”.

Advise: Get specialist counselling if your spouse is alcoholic or addicted to drugs. It is a problem that can be resolved.

5. ‘Juju’

Nigerians are intensely spiritual. Most Nigerians interpret daily occurrences through spiritual outlooks. Teebillz was noted to have alleged that Tiwa’s mom was trying to destroy his life and business through witchcraft.

Advise: Only God can protect you from witchcraft. Denying its existence or trading blames is foolhardy. Get help, and that quickly.  

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6. Cheating on your spouse

This is sadly a usual occurrence in celebrity marriages all over the world. Teebillz accused Tiwa of infidelity. Tiwa claims innocence.

Advise: Every couple should protect the sanctity in their marriage. Don’t do things that will make your spouse suspect you. Be open to each other.