South-East: we will vote against APC in 2019

In the last Presidential Elections, the ruling APC performed abysmally poor in South-Eastern States. That of Enugu was the worst. It still remains one of the strongholds of the People’s Democratic Party. Residents of Enugu have reacted angrily on the Muhammadu Buhari administration due to “his failure in alleviating the problems of the country.

Residents of Enugu State have said that they remain committed to PDP than support a government hell bent on punishing the South-East. Ahead of the 2019 general elections therefore, most residents of Enugu State are girding their loins to ensure that President Muhammad Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC, led Government does not return to power. They say that if their votes would only matter, the present government will face change.

Checks by this media house revealed that most residents celebrated the Easter in gloom since petrol was either at runaway prices or nowhere to be found. On angry resident was quoted as saying, “I have never seen a thing like this since I was born. The only thing that is moving in this country is the increasing number of prisoners in our various prisons across the country. The government will have to devote more resources in building prisons as the tough conditions may force some weak minds into crime. Look at all economic indices, they are all flagged red. We will go naked to resist a return of this government.”

Another respondent said “APC campaigned on N5,000 stipend for all unemployed graduates to woo the electorates in the days leading to the general elections. They have suddenly realized that it is not feasible to implement. A man knows his friends in times of adversity, certainly, APC, has lost it.”

The South-Eastern section of the country is known for partisan politics. They have always voted en-block for political parties of their choice. The APC might face an uphill battle in the next presidential elections if petrol and power challenges are not resolved.