The current fuel price is not fair; increase it — NNPC GMDs

A group of persons going by the nomenclature ‘Former and Present Group Managing Directors of NNPC’ aggregated themselves at the NNPC towers and probably ate and drank tea at our expense.

The purpose of their meeting? To make life more difficult for Nigerians.

How they intend doing it? Increase fuel prize!

You heard that right.

These GMD’s woke up from a misguided dream of rainbows and lollipops, only to propose (to the president) how he might increase our sufferings.

And the president listened!

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Hear them yourselves: “The current PMS Price cap of N145/liter is not congruent with Buhari’s liberalization policy.

“This is especially true with the FOREX rates and other price determining components such as crude cost, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) charges etc.”

What these bunch of old men are saying is this: “President Buhari, the current fuel price is not fair. To be fair, increase it!”

The group now laced their wicked advice with this: protection of their feeding bottles.

Hear them again, “NNPC should, as a matter of urgency, establish the true state of its current financial status.

“NNPC should explore avenues to close the pension funding gap including the restructuring of the current model.”

There you have it folks. They went to NNPC to propose further hardship for Nigerians but asked that pensions (which included theirs) be paid.

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Thank goodness the NLC is not buying their proposal.

According to NLC’s General Secretary, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson, the union and other sister unions will not accept further fuel price increment.

Ozo-Eson said, “We had given a warning before that Nigerians cannot take any further fuel price increase.

“They shouldn’t do it and that remains our position.

“We remain opposed to any new increase in the price of petroleum product.”