The purge: Trump sacks all of Obama’s appointees

President-elect, Donald Trump, has commenced a purge of government officials appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama.

The president-elect has fired many ambassadors, two nuclear security chiefs, and the head of Washington’s National Guard.

They will be vacating their offices the same day trump will be sworn in. The same afternoon!

While Trump’s predecessors were greeted with goodwill on their inaugurations, he has bumped from scandal to intrigue and back again.

Just 44% of Americans approve of how he has handled his transition to the presidency.

Obama had 83% approval. George W. Bush had 61% rating while Bill Clinton had 68% rating.

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Following a buildup to his inauguration, the FBI is said to be preparing a $US100 million “ring of steel” around Washington.

It is expected that a large of a number of protesters will storm Washington to register their displeasure of Trump.

Also, dozens of high-level government employees have found themselves unexpectedly ousted.

For Major-General Errol Schwartz the notice was especially harsh.

He has been responsible for security at inauguration day festivities since 2008.

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Schwartz and will be forced to step down just as the 45th president takes his oath of office.

Steve Ray, a local announcer, and outspoken Trump-supporter will announce Trump’s parade.

He will replace Charlie Brotman, 89, the announcer at every inauguration since 1957.

Brotman said he got the “shock of his life” when he was sacked by Mr. Trump’s aides.

The Obamas had pleaded with him to leave a swing-set they installed for their daughters for Mr. Trump’s son, Barron.

The President-elect asked his aides to throw it away immediately!

Reacting to his inauguration, the president-elect said “All of my Cabinet nominees are looking good and doing a great job.

“I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!”