The sad thing El Rufai did to Southern Kaduna residents

The people of Southern Kaduna have cried out over what they describe as increased persecution by Fulanis, aided by Governor El Rufai.

Recall that Southern Kaduna is a predominantly Christian area in Kaduna State.

Speaking through the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan, they deplored the continuous attack on Southern Kaduna people.

The Director of Social Forum of the diocese, Rev. Fr. Alexander said “Southern Kaduna has become the theatre of insecurity.

“Fulani men abuse, [neutralize] and destroy our farms.

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“This has resulted in untold hardship on our people in no small quantum and has also affected the religious and socio-economic life of the people.

“Recently, a former national president of the Catholic Women Organization of Nigeria (CWO), Mrs. L.L. Mallam, was abducted by them.

“Thousands of our people are leaving their homelands especially in Sanga and Jema’a LGAs as a result of these tragedies.

“Our people who have farming as their common means of survival can no longer go to their farms because, as it is now, the fear of the Fulani is the beginning of wisdom.

“Governor El-Rufai has done nothing to stop this.

“He is yet requesting that our traditional rulers release our farmlands for building another grazing reserve.

“They have already built the Ladugga grazing reserve which is probably the largest in West Africa.

“That spot has become a breeding ground responsible for the misfortune that has come to stay with us.

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“This is really unfortunate and unacceptable.

“May we use this opportunity to also call for the cancellation of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

“The association was formed in the 1970s so as to unite Christians.

“But in recent times, the association has been turned into a platform of survival by some charlatans parading as men of God.

“Little wonder the recent scramble for leadership of the association has shamelessly dragged them to the courts.

“An association that is supposed to unite its followers is now itself a victim of division.”