There is nothing like Reformed Niger Delta Avengers — NDA

A splinter group of Niger Delta Avengers, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, RNDA, had released names of alleged sponsors of NDA.

Tompolo’s name surfaced on that list.

Tompolo’s spokesman, Paul Bebenimibo, roundly denied any connection whatsoever with NDA.

According to Bebenimibo, “My initial decision was to ignore the said report as a result of the source and the bogus nature of the story.

“However, in order to set the records straight, I decided to write to dissociate my boss and myself from that wicked and malicious report.

“In the same report, my boss, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo was also mentioned as one of the sponsors of the NDA.

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“I wish to advise the Nigerian government to look for better ways to resolve the Niger Delta problem.

“They should not compound the issue by relying on voodoo means to resolve the issue.

“This particular report (from RNDA) can be likened to a voodoo report.

“The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers have claimed to part ways with the NDA.

“This is after destroying almost all the oil facilities in the Niger Delta region.

“They have now turned around to claim that they have repented, mentioning some people as sponsors and operatives of the NDA.

“The Federal government and people of this country need to know such people (RNDA) and treat them accordingly.

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“The people they mentioned as sponsors and operatives are very responsible Nigerians,” the statement read in part.

Niger Delta Avengers had reacted to the statement credited to Cynthia Whyte claiming that NDA is intact and not divided.

“The public and all sane minds should know that the entire household of the Niger Delta Avengers remain intact.

“We are in good spirit with highest morals and even more dedicated to get the ultimate targets.

“We are not like the present Nigeria government, military and security agencies that have thrown intelligence to the dustbin.

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“Buhari is being pushed around by criminals and illegal crude oil bunkerers like Boyloaf, Timipre Silva, Ayiri Emami, and their main collaborator Mr. Lawal Daura (DG DSS).

“It is quite unfortunate that, Cynthia Whyte and Jomo Gbomo of defunct Joint Revolutionary Council and MEND respectively are the spokesperson of the Nigerian intelligentsia community.

“Cynthia Whyte is George Karley.

“His sponsors should be laid bare before the public.

“The name Cynthia Whyte was the negotiating organ for Mr. Victor Ebikabowei Ben (Boyloaf), Timipre Silva and Sele Ebikabowei.

“They used the same name for settlements in kidnappings, bank robberies, illegal crude oil bunkering and dirty jobs for government,” NDA said.