This is the lamest advise from Tanko Al Makura’s office

It is now clear that most of our nation’s leaders are inexperienced! It is that plain and simple.

They are inexperienced in the handling of state matters.

They equally inexperienced in the laws governing the locales they lead.

And it is basically a senseless and simple acting and face expressions, tone of voice.

Division of powers apply in our laws and is one of the main principles of our Constitution and our Nation.

That some persons got off the hook by manipulating our laws does not mean they’re innocent.

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The latest display of inexperience and stack misinterpretation of the constitution came from the Nasarawa State.

The culprit is Governor Tanko Al-Makura’s commissioner for information, Mr. Tim Yigga.

Mr. Yigga called on inmates not to see their imprisonment as the end of life, saying that they can come out and still be better persons if they amend their ways.

“All you need to do here is to continue to obey the rules guiding your conduct and to respect prison warders.

“Do not do anything that would hurt these officers.

“They are not the ones that brought you here; their own responsibility is to look after you and your welfare,” Yigga said.

Then he went totally off point and postulated his ignorance.

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Hear him: “You can come out of the prison one day and become the President of this country — if God destined it to be so,” Yigga said.

Hello commissioner of information! A convicted felon cannot aspire to any political office in Nigeria.

It is our law and the constitution defends it.

This should prove that our leaders should at least take a basic course in Civics.

Some persons came out of Prison as convicted felons and became Governors. Remember Ibori, Senator Evan Enwerem and a host of others?