Tinubu, you are not the national leader of APC- Buhari

A dinner event held in but hosted to top APC chieftains, President Muhammadu Buhari placed Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu where he belongs. The problem was not how he said it, but where and the people around when he said it.

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Before the 2015 presidential elections, Tinubu was honored and addressed within the APC as “national leader of the party.”

Buhari made the shocking statement after Senate President Bukola Saraki, while observing procedure in the course of making his remarks, addressed Tinubu as “the national leader of APC.”

An informed source stated that President Buhari latched on the moment stated this:

“Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, even though the Senate President addressed you as the National Leader of APC, you are not the national leader of the party. You are one of the national leaders of the APC.”

The banquet hall went pin drop silent!

Our source stated that “President Buhari’s close aides and confidants are not comfortable with the idea of Tinubu parading himself as national leader of the APC.

“They believe only the President deserves to carry the full weight of that title. It is a silent cold war that has been brewing but nobody knew the President would take it that personal by actually voicing it out face to face with Tinubu.

“It appeared petty actually but again, you need to understand that the former vice president, Atiku Abubakar was also seated when this happened.

“The president may have been uncomfortable with allowing Tinubu get away with being addressed as national leader of APC in the presence of other senior leaders of the party like Atiku and then the national chairman, John Oyegun who was also present.

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“Buhari’s silence on the matter may have been misconstrued as an acceptance of Tinubu as the national leader of APC and he didn’t want that to happen”, the source said.