Track your Constituency Projects as signed by PMB

Part of reasons behind the delay in signing the 2016 budget was constituency projects given to Nigerian lawmakers. President Buhari had maintained that the National Assembly is not to execute projects; rather they’re to oversee.

Previous administrations have given these monies to National Assembly members, but some of the projects are never executed. President Buhari approved N100 billion naira as constituency projects for members of NASS.

In order to maintain transparency, a complete list of all projects and the amounts allocated for same have been obtained by SR. These projects, as many as 2,516 across the entire country, are intended to bring economic development and social mobility to Nigerians in every state.

Specific details on the Zonal Intervention Projects including project type, cost, and target sector have been kept secret in the past because Nigerian lawmaker typically pocket the cash meant for the projects. For many constituencies, there has never been transparency around which projects were budgeted or the estimated completion time for them.

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Even the claim by legislators that they are best positioned to know what their constituencies really desire is also defective. To start with, they often forget that there is no constituency that solely belongs to them. In a state, every constituency also belongs to a governor.

At the federal level, the President was voted for in every constituency throughout the nation. For this reason, the daily claim that a constituency belongs to a legislator is ridiculous. In addition, the argument that they are closest to the people is similarly incorrect in a country which runs a constitutionally approved local government system.

PMB bowed to pressure and allocated the funds. It is up to us Nigerians to monitor these projects. Locate your constituency, and make sure you track the projects for which President Buhari has issued monies for. If the projects are not executed as written, hold them responsible.

Below is a PDF file of all the Zonal Intervention Projects appropriated in the 2016 budget:

Constituency projects