Trump sends his defense staff on a fact finding mission in Southern Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari is currently on medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

He had formally handed over to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo before proceeding for his medical leave.

Just as left, a rather curious event took place in the Southern part of the country yesterday.

A conglomeration of more than 30 defense attaches met in Bayelsa State.

USA, UK, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, Pakistan, France, Angola, South Sudan and Italy all met yesterday.

The reason for the meeting was not immediately disclosed but sources say they converged to proffer solution to the crisis in the region.

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The defense chiefs say they’re in the region to seek first-hand information concerning the security challenges in the area.

Speaking at the event, Governor Seriake Dickson as the high delegation to tackle the issues once and for all.

Dickson called for the provision of economic opportunities and infrastructural development to the region.

Governor Dickson stressed on the need to address the environmental degradation and insecurity in the southern region too.

“All countries have their own fair share of challenges, so security challenges are not peculiar to Nigeria.

“As you are all aware, all countries deal with their concerns and challenges from time to time.

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“But, it is the duty political leadership to devise non-violent ways of addressing the security concerns and challenges.

In response, the Defense Intelligence Agency explained that the meeting was organized so these countries will get first-hand knowledge of the issues.

The Director of Foreign Liaison of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Brigadier General Augustine Agundu, presented Nigeria’s case.

He told the defense attachés to ignore the stereotypical perceptions spread on the media regarding the region.

The Dean of the Corps of Defense Attaches, Col. Marc Humbert, expressed joy that the security situation was improving in the area.

Humbert, however, called for synergy between the political leadership and the military in the fight against insecurity in the region.