Their ultimate plan is to send me to the grave — GEJ

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, GEJ, has raised an alarm over a plan to assassinate him.

Jonathan said a list released by a factional NDA was a ploy to rope him and other Southern leaders into the pogrom unleashed by NDA.

The factional NDA, Reformed Niger Delta Avengers – had named Jonathan as the grand patron of the militant group.

A statement released by Goodluck Jonathan’s spokesperson, Ikechukwu Eze, debunked the claims.

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According to Ikechukwu, “It is not in our place to speak for all those named in the obvious fabrication.

“We are only intervening to the extent that its hidden intent poses a violent threat to the life of former President Jonathan.

“We are seized by the feeling of déjà vu occasioned by the resurrection of one dim character, Cynthia Whyte.

“Cynthia White had in the past served as the spokesperson for MEND who has long shown wanted to eliminate former President Jonathan.

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“Do we need to remind anybody that the so-called Cynthia Whyte is the self-declared spokesperson for the MEND?

“MEND is led by one Henry Okah, which has not hidden its intention to destroy the former President.

“We have no doubt in our mind that MEND as a group was contracted assassinate Goodluck Jonathan.

“They are yet to abandon this criminal and ignominious craving.

“Hence, the statement issued by Cynthia Whyte is a sadistic desire to kill the former President.

“They also plan to instigate the Federal Government to needlessly go after the former President.

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“Those who follow the unsavory developments in some parts of the country since the last general election would have noticed what MEND wants to do.

“Unscrupulous elements in the South-South region have been striving fruitlessly to exploit the ensuing confusion by surreptitiously working for the fulfillment of its yet-to-be declared political agenda.

“We are aware that more accusations and allegations of this nature would be hurled Jonathan’s way in the future.

“But we are very positive that he can never be fazed by such negative energy,” Jonathan said.