Unbelievable! Charles Okah assumes leadership of IPOB?

Two splinter groups from IPOB, The Rebranded Indigenous People of Biafra (TRIPOB) and the Renegade Indigenous People of Biafra (RENIPOB), have named Charles Okah as their leader.

Okah accepted the offer and ordered some actions which he said must happen with “Immediate effect.”

Okah took his first official swipe on Nnamdi Kanu. According to Okah, people address the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, as ‘His Excellency, President of Biafra.’

Nnamdi Kanu goes about with an ‘entourage’ even in the prison.

“I hereby issue executive order number one, which is that the planned ’surrender’ of the Biafran flag scheduled for January 15, 2017 is hereby cancelled.

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“All preparations towards the ceremony must be put on hold with immediate effect.

“Biafra does not belong to a single tribe.

“It is erroneous therefore for any tribe to single themselves as owning Biafra and to say they have been marginalized.

“This misconception is deceitful, ungrateful and wicked considering the giant strides my Igbo brothers and sisters continue to make in Nigeria today.

“Though tongue and tribe differs, it will only serve the interest of a few persons to deceive the majority of blind followers to start believing they are slaves in Nigeria.

“Under my leadership, TRIPOB will help to change the misconception.

“We will free our minds to know that the ‘Biafran’ can begin from the villages to the cities of our various states.

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“This will make our struggle attractive and at the same time, hold our public office holders to account for their stewardship.

“President Muhammadu Buhari cannot be blamed for the ills which have befallen our society.

“Blaming DSS or the APC-led government for the emergence of factions in IPOB is an insult to the average Biafran.

“My administration shall commence by using donations to create jobs and upgrade existing small-scale entrepreneurs.

“I shall start from the markets and roadside businesses from all across the Biafra region,” Okah said.