Updated: List, names, and origins of retired Army officers

The Nigerian Army has reacted angrily at the publication by this news house and other sister media outlets at what it calls spurious “Speculations and rumors regarding the number, names and origin of senior Army officers affected in the recent retirement exercise.”

According to Acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, “This is worrisome as some individuals and media houses went to the ridiculous extent of publishing outrageous figures.

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“They (the media houses) published and names of serving officers as being retired. This is unethical and unfair.”

“It is therefore necessary to inform the public to please disregard such inaccurate lists.

We wish to state that only 38 senior officers were affected by the retirement exercise.

“For the avoidance of doubt the following is the statistics of the officers retired compulsorily; 9 Major Generals, 10 Brigadier Generals, 7 Colonels, 11 Lieutenant Colonels and a Major.”

“We are quite aware that some mischievous elements are trying to whip up sentiments. It is pertinent to remind all that the Nigerian Army is a professional institution that is based on highest standards of discipline and conduct.

“Consequently its personnel must remain professional, neutral and apolitical at all times,” the statement reads.

But we stand by our previous publication to wit: that the commander in chief of the armed forces, President Muhammadu Buhari actually ordered the sack of military personnel.

We also maintain that a huge chunk of those sacked are from Southern Nigeria; with South East being the most affected.

This news house is not holding brief for any army officer neither are we against disciplining any officer who contravenes the law.

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We challenge the Nigerian Military to produce the list of officers fired or else we stand by a list leaked to us. The Nigerian Army is not a secret society. Nothing should be done in secret.

We heretofore reproduce the list again with their names and geographical region of origin:

Updated List, names, and origins of retired Army officers