Why vice president Osinbajo is living in a rented house

The official residence of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, has been under construction for the past 8 years.

So far, the project has gulped a whopping N6.215billion naira, yet the house remains uncompleted.

The project was abandoned five years ago owing to disagreement between the Senate and the FCT administration.

The contract was awarded in 2009 at a cost of N7billion but N6.215 billion was paid to the contractors.

In 2012, the then Minister of FCT, Senator Bala Mohammed, submitted a request for an additional N9billion.

The 7th Senate rejected it following an intelligence report that “the request for the additional cost was suspicious.”

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The complex is made up of the followings: VP’s ADC’s house (N258m); Chief Security Officer’s house (N228m).

Mosque (N95m); Church (N84m); security quarters, (N114 m); boys quarters ( N288m); Gate House (N55m); infrastructure (N1.7 billion).

While the government was trying to find a solution to the contract stalemate, a fresh row is trailing the new residence.

The Chairman of the House Committee on FCT, Hon. Herman Hembe said his committee was disappointed at the way the contract was being managed.

Hembe said: “In all, about 87% of the contract sum has been paid.

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“You can go and take a look and say by yourself if the work done is commensurate with the funds so far paid.

“The committee has severally expressed disappointment over this very sad situation.”

One source from the FCT administration said, “We are suspecting underhand dealings by some key officials in the past administration of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Initially, a variation of N13billion was proposed.

“A public outcry forced them to reduce it to N9billion before the BPP scaled it down to N6billion.

“Also, the job done is about 50 percent but 87 percent payment of the contract sum was effected.

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“As I am talking to you, nobody knows the timeframe for the completion of the project.

“And when the 87% payment was done, the agreement included furnishing materials.

“But we learned the contract scope has been altered.

“Already there is provision for the project in 2017 budget.

“President Buhari should take more than a passing interest in the residence.

“The project has been turned to a goldmine by some officials.

“Let there be a comprehensive audit of the extent of work in line with the contract terms.”