VUlcanizers wrecking havoc on Nigerian roads

Telling you the folktale that all Nigerian roads will soon be better is just synonymous to saying that by the end of 2016 over 50% of unemployed youths in Nigeria will have jobs. Telling you that the Government at all levels has made it their first priority to reevaluate these roads and renovate them is the biggest lie in the month of June.

It is no news that the decrepit state of these roads have been the major cause of road accidents both in the past and present. However, road accidents have now started recording incessant tyre bursts prior to the mishaps.

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These incessant tyre burst are not only caused by used and expired or terribly worn out tyres, but also over pressuring of the tyres by the Vulcanizers.

Tyres are made of rubber and expands at high temperatures.  It has been scientifically proven that they try to expand in the afternoon when the asphalt on the road is hot. If the pressure in the tyre is too much and wouldn’t accommodate the expansion, a burst is most probable to happen at that time.

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A lot of Nigerians have inadvertently lost their lives and property through tyre burst accidents, not forgetting the late minister of state for labour ,James Ocholi, who died recently with his wife and son  in an auto crash due to tyre burst. It is not out of place to say that, the minister couldn’t have been using expired tyres. So what caused the tyre burst?

Our Vulcanizers by lack of knowledge usually pressurize our tyres so much, that it leaves the commuters one minute away from an accident. Each car has recommended tyre size and pressure clearly written on it by the manufacturer. It is also written by the drivers’ door as you try to enter your car.  They recommended pressure for most salon cars is 32! Some even 29. But we pressurize then up to 50 and hence leaving these tyres writhing in pain on use and threatening to dismember itself.

Please check the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle and others you know always.