We are ready for war — Niger Delta militants

Niger Delta militants has declared war on all national and international oil installations across the country.

The group warned President Buhari not to rejoice yet over the recent rise in oil production in the country.

The group asked the Federal Government to drop all charges levelled against Tompolo and other leaders from the region.

Spokesperson of the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, Aldo Agbalaja, accused President Buhari’s government of plotting to wage war against the people of Niger Delta.

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“As a matter of fact, what Avengers did to the oil industry will be nothing compared to the grand plan set by our central command.

“We shall bring Nigeria’s daily output quota to below 500,000 barrels. Just be ready for the approaching tsunami.

“The destruction of the Trans-Forcados Pipeline is just a warning.

“We warned against the restarting of the facility, but the daring companies won’t listen.

“That shadow operation that brought the TFP down was only meant to let these companies know that we aren’t kidding with them.

“When we say stay down, you stay down, and it’s in your best interest.

“The humiliation that came with the meeting of the elders with President Muhammadu Buhari did not come to the NDGJM as a surprise.

“The only painful part is the fact that the humiliation is stamped on the collective image of our people.

“However, we want to dare President Buhari to attempt his military action against our people and see the response that will follow.

“We want to say here, without mincing words, that we are aware of his intentions.

“We heard loud and clear his hostile message, we understand his message and the NDGJM is saying we are ready for him.

“If it is war, bring it on, we are no cowards.

“Just be sure you can sustain the consequences because this is not going to be another vanquished ‘Biafran Uprising’.

“Niger Deltans are nobody’s slaves; we shall fight until there’s nothing left to defend.”