We are yet to see our daughters – Family of Chibok girls

She is the first of the 219 schoolgirls to be rescued by the Nigerian Army in the in the immediate aftermath of their capture.

She is Amina Nkeki.

Her rescue was greeted with so much fan far as it was just few before President Buhari’s first year as President.

Her rescue and the information surrounding it generated a lot of questions.

Recall that Amina hails from Mbalala, which is about 10km from Chibok.

She grew up in a small mud house with her widowed mother. She had 13 children, but Amina and her older brother are the only surviving kids.

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One of the vigilante men that rescued amina, Aboku Gaji, narrated Amina’s emotional reunion with her mother.

“When we arrived at the house, the door was closed, I asked the mother to come and identify someone, the moment she saw her, she shouted her name Amina, Amina!

“She gave her the biggest hug ever, as if they were going to roll on the ground, we had to stabilise them.

“The girl started comforting the mother, saying: ‘Please mum, take it easy, relax, I never thought I would ever see you again, wipe your tears. God has made it possible for us to see each other again’.

“That’s what this girl, Amina kept telling her mother.”

As at today, the Family of Amina, Bring Back Our Girls movement and friends have asked President Buhari to tell them the whereabouts of their daughter.

She disappeared after meeting with Buhari.

An uncle to Amina stated that “Even this morning people came to my house asking if I had been able to find out her whereabouts.

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“It’s outrageous! Some people are crying! We don’t understand why the government wants to keep her family away.”

Two days after her escape, Ali was flown to the capital, Abuja, for a televised meeting. President Muhammadu Buhari, promised her the best care and rehabilitation. However, no one has seen her since, the Bring Back Our Girls movement says.