We inherited good inventions from Biafra — Buhari

After President Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 elections, Nigerians were expectant.

During his inaugural speech, President Buhari said “At home we face enormous challenges.

“Insecurity, corruption, fuel and power shortages are my immediate concerns.

“We are going to tackle them head on.

“Nigerians will not regret that they have entrusted national responsibility to us.

“We must not succumb to hopelessness and defeatism.

“We can fix our problems.”

15 months after that speech, the President is yet to accomplish what he promised he’d do.

Nigerians understand that PMB inherited a baggage of rot.

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Nigerians also understand that PMB promised he’d fix that rot.

What Nigerians no longer understand is why the PMB finds occasion to blame past administrations; from IBB to GEJ.

The latest vitriol came from a statement the president released through his official spokesperson, Mr. Garba Shehu.

President Buhari said, “I am being unfairly criticized. I attribute this to escalating prices of foodstuff.

“I am being unfairly criticized for the liberalization of currency exchange.

“I am being criticized for fight corruption and terrorism.

Then the President slid into his native tongue and said “Ba zomo na kashe ba, rataya a ka bani.”

Meaning “I killed no rabbit, I am helping to carry the prey.”

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The President continued stating that Nigerians are highly regard in foreign countries because of him.

“Every crisis is an opportunity. Not so in Nigeria.

“This is a county that inherited massive technological inventions from Biafra.

“Ye we failed to take it forward.

“We must not lose this opportunity to diversify the economy and our foreign earnings presented by the present oil crisis.

“It is a proud moment for many citizens that the country is being perceived differently now.

“This kind of sentiment can lead to foreign investments when properly capitalized upon.

“I enjoy a lavish public support among the lower segment of the local population.

“I am criticized by the local press, mainstream and online.

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“This unambiguous media rebuke has created a wave of sympathy for anyone with a view that runs counter to the President’s.

“Boko Haram and Avengers are more likely to get newspaper front pages today than our Ministers.

“I don’t say that media criticism is not reflective of the feeling of the citizens.

“I know that the change mantra has brought pain and suffering.

“This pain can be likened to the pains of labor. It is a passing phase.

“Nigeria is doing something that the combined strength of Europe and America have failed to do.

“We have effectively neutralized Boko Haram.

“Victory over Boko Haram has brought peace not only to Nigeria but to the countries in the Lake Chad region.

“World leaders are still trying to contain the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, ISIS.

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“Everyone living in Nigeria knows that there is a major movement against corruption as part of the ongoing change.

“This war has forced the return to the treasury of billions of Naira and millions of Dollars stolen by past officials.

“President Buhari should be credited for the unblemished record of his ministers.

“This is a government that has stayed above scandal for a year.

“The President needs our support with understanding and patience.

“No matter how hasty a president wants to bring changes, there is no magic wand in that office.

“This change is on course. It requires patience.

“The change is working for the nation and sooner than later, the testimony shall be given.”