Which world dictator slew the most people? Nigeria made it

It takes compassion, love for country, and a strong pursuit of justice to become a strong and respected leader of the masses.

Once in a while, however, there are those politicians or generals that decide to do things their own way.

These cold-blooded dictators do not care about the value of life as much as they do achieving their selfish motives of power.

This info-graphic shows worldwide dictators ordered by the number of killings, one drop, one million dead.

Of course, the winner is Mao, followed by Stalin and then Hitler. Well, Nigeria made the list.

We really hope hell exists and all of them are in there in some major eternal pain.

Retired General Yakubu Gowon won the medal.

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It starts as many sad stories do with precious beautiful oil.

It had been found in the Niger delta where tensions were already high between the Eastern region (led by Ojukwu) and the rest of the country (governed by Yakubu).

A dummy agreement was signed between them called the “Aburi Accord”, but that accord was quickly dumped.

Yakubu Gowon started to put pressure on the region and tested how much sway he had in the area versus Ojukwu.

Well, Ojukwu being no slouch declared secession from the rest of Nigeria and became the “Republic of Biafra”.

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This began a war that caused the [neutralization] of 100,000 soldiers.

Worse than this, disagreements and tactical maneuvers involved a blockade of the region which starved up to 2 million civilians.