Who ate the $25 billion injected into Niger Delta — Osinbajo

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has decried what he describes as brazen loot of funds earmarked for development of Niger Delta.

In a lecture held at Elizade University in Ilara Mokin, Ondo State, Osinbajo made startling revelations about the state of the nation.

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Fielding questions raised, Osinbajo disclosed that Niger Delta Avengers are nothing but a group fighting for their own pockets.

“The NDA are not freedom fighters but people fighting for their private pockets.

“The people are not fighting for the development of the region.

“They are economic warriors fighting for their private pockets.

They are not working for the interest of the region”, Osinbajo said.

He berated Niger Delta Avengers stating that “They had been creating more problems in the region by their activities.

“They had been polluting environment and making lives more difficult for the people”

Osinbajo a;so decried poor supply across the nation atibuting it to sabotaging of national assets by militancy.

“We need to deal with vandalism, which had been causing problems for the power sector and the revenue of the nation”, he said.

Osinbajo also disclosed that monies spent in Niger Delta ended up private pockets of individuals.

He revealed that of 27 billion dollars doled out for Niger Delta development, that $15 billion could not be accounted for.

The vice President also reiterated on the need for states to generate funds internally.

“While I agree that we need to engage each other on issues, we must not allow Nigerian elite to use tribalism, ethnicity, religion and tribal sentiment to divide the country.

“Many of the agitation of states are from elite for selfish reasons. Leaders in zones can collaborate to do certain things.

“They do not need to be waiting for the Federal Government for everything.

“The elite must teach Nigerians how to survive. It is not a tribal, religion or ethnic issue” he said.

The Buhari’s led Government is yet to make any arrests relating to the huge graft.