Why Babangida removed me from power — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari finally broke the ice on why he ousted by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

President Buhari stated that his anticorruption fight was the major reason why both Babangida and Gusau plotted his ouster.

In an interview published by ‘The Interview magazine,’ Buhari dared Babangida and Gusau to tell the truth on why they carried out the coup against him.

“Aliyu Gusau, who was in charge of intelligence, took import license from the ministry of commerce and handed it to Alhaji Mai Deribe.

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That license “Was worth N100, 000 — a lot of money at that time.

“I confronted them and took the case to the Army council in a memo.

Simply put: “I wanted Gusau punished.”

Recall that Babangida had told ‘The Interview Magazine’ in its December edition that the memo which Buhari said he submitted to the Army council was blank.

“Don’t forget that I was one of Buhari’s closest aides.

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“I was the chief of army staff. So, I had an important position, an important role to play within that administration.

“I don’t think it had to do with a memo,” Babangida said.

Judging from President Buhari’s tone and manner he responded to questions reveals the past may not have been forgotten nor forgiven.

President Buhari however challenged Babangida and Gusau to come clean on why they removed him, asking The Interview to choose whose story to believe.

In an interview Babangida granted Premium Times, he said some of Buhari’s policies were archaic.

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If you take for example the War Against Indiscipline, they were teaching you how to queue, to say sorry when you march somebody!

It hasn’t solved anything. It was trying to make you to be civil in your approach to things.

Ok I accepted I am going to queue before I get into a car but I might have bribed somebody before I got a ticket to go into the vehicle.

We tried not to fall into the same trap, by tackling the source and making corrections in those places.

Reacting to the coup that removed Buhari, Babangida stated that “There was frustration in the society between 1984 and 1985.

“The ground was fertile for a coup. So you were giving us the impetus to stage a coup.

“We are not dummies. If we didn’t have the support of all of you, we wouldn’t venture into it.