Why PDP offered Aisha Buhari membership status

The ongoing national drama between the wife of President Buhari, Aisha Buhari, and her husband is yet to be over.

Aisha Buhari lampooned her hubby saying that a cabal had hijacked his administration.

The All Progressive’s Congress backed Aisha’s critique of Buhari’s administration.

The latest to back Aisha Buhari is the People’s Democratic Party.

They have offered Aisha Buhari a deal: join PDP.

The offer was made through PDP’s former deputy national publicity secretary, Alhaji Abdullahi Jalo.

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Jalo spoke to UK’s Telegraph. He likened President Buhari to America’s Donald Trump over the Nigerian leader’s reaction to his wife’s interview.

“Buhari is becoming like a Trump of America whose past time is to scandalize women.

“That statement is very costly.

“We are advocating that Mrs. Hilary Clinton be elected the first American female president.

“Why does the president want to turn his wife to a house maid who has the right (only) to be in the kitchen and the other room?

“That is a costly statement, which will affect his electioneering campaign in 2019 if he decides to contest.

“The implication is that he doesn’t like women.

“He is saying that women should not have right to be politicians,” Jalo said.

Jalo further reiterated that Aisha Buhari is the new face of the opposition.

According to Jalo, “As far as I am concerned, she has done the work of an opposition.

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“If she decides to join us, she will have a good reception.”

“People are even abusing her.

“Anybody that abused her has abused the president, because even if she is a divorcee, she has issues with Mohammed Buhari.

“She is Buhari and Buhari is she,” Jalo said.

Jalo said should decide to contest the 2019 presidential elections, there could be serious consequences.