Why the burka or face veil is banned …. by ISIS

The Western world and Orientals are currently embroiled in a cultural clash.

Thanks to hordes of migrants leaving war torn countries like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and others to Western Nations.

One of such cultural clash is the garb women are supposed to adorn to portray modesty – the almighty burqa or face veil.

Now we remember some folks, just days ago, protesting against the French ban on burkini.

These liberals were fighting for an Islamic cause in the West. Whereas other concealing garb are banned in ISIS controlled enclaves.

Let’s cute the chase: ISIS has banned the wearing of burka at their security centers in one northern Iraqi city.

The group banned women entering buildings in Mosul while donning full-face covering.

This is coming after a number of commanders were [neutralized] by veiled women.

Previously women in Syria and Iraq have been punished or [neutralized] by ISIS’s ‘morality police’ for not concealing their eyes.

The normal strict dress code implemented by ISIS forces all women to be covered from head to toe in black.

Last month, women were pictured celebrating the liberation of the Syrian city of Manbij by burning the somber outfits.

One girl grabbed the black burka she was wearing and pulled it off her head to reveal her face. This act would have seen her severely punished.

If these fellas can ban this garment, because it is a ‘security risk,’ why the West is hesitant to do so beats our imagination.

The wearing of face veil will always be a Security Risk.

Isn’t it sad that we are being told what we already know by people who haven’t evolved from the seventh century?

You cannot go into airport security or a bank wearing a balaclava or crash helmet.

If someone held a belief in the spaghetti monster they would not get permission from their boss to wear a spaghetti outfit to work.

A follower of nudism cannot dictate to their boss that they must be given a separate room.

They cannot even be screened off so they can do their job without wearing any clothes.

If this lot think it’s a security risk, why should it not be seen as such elsewhere?

Now we should ban them in the west for exactly the same reasons. Will we?