Why we cannot arrest Aisha Buhari — USA

How far does diplomatic immunity go? Can they arrest Aisha Buhari?

The short answer is this: It depends on the rank of the individual in question.

Top diplomats have full immunity. This immunity covers their family members as well.

That means ambassadors can commit just about any crime—from stealing to murder—and walk free.

Not only that, they will be immune from arrest or from trial.

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They can neither be forced to testify in court nor arrested.

For instance, diplomatic vehicles (the ones with green numbers) can be issued a traffic citation but they may chose not to pay it and nothing will happen.

President Buhari has the highest diplomatic cover outside the shores of Nigeria.

So does his family members; including Aisha Buhari.

In essence, even if it was proven beyond any reasonable doubt the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the William Jefferson trial is the same as the president’s wife, no police can arrest her.

End of discussion!

But there are boundaries beyond which diplomatic covers can be lifted.

This can happen, if for instance, the United States declares someone a persona non grata.

Even in this circumstance, the United States can only send the diplomat back to his home country for trial; if the home country decides to try the fellow.

Another extreme case is when the home country, in this instance waves the diplomatic cover.

Under this scenario, the United States can then treat the individual as any other person.

Do you get the picture now?

The real Aisha Buhari, the one in Aso Villa, cannot be tried in USA, even if she’s was the one involved in the fraud mentioned in the Jefferson trial.

Remember that the “Fake” Aisha Buhari is still in the United States. Apparently she is not in hiding.

One wonders why she has not been arrested and tried.

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The only reason might be that she is not the Aisha Buhari the United States is looking for. The one they are looking for is somewhere.

We will end it there!