We will make Nigeria ungovernable for General Buhari — Avengers

The Niger Delta Avengers has attacked an export oil pipeline operated by Chevron Nigeria Limited.

He oil pipeline is located at Escravos in the Warri South West Council Area of Delta State.

Niger Delta Avengers claimed responsibility for the attack which reportedly occurred early hours of today.

It marks the first attack by the militant group on an oil facility since it announced a ceasefire.

A military source confirmed the attack to our correspondent.

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A statement sent to this news house by NDA’s spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, read: “Today at about 3:45am our strike team 06 took down Chevron Escravos export pipeline at Escravos offshore.

“This action is to further warn all International Oil Companies that when we warn that there should be no repairs pending negotiation/dialogue with the people of the Niger Delta, it means there should be no repairs.

“Any attempt to use dialogue to distract us so as to allow the free flow of our oil will halt the dialogue process.

“General Buhari should think like a leader with the advantage of his age.

“He has to see the genuine and legitimate agitation with the right attitude to pacify our people.

“General Muhammadu Buhari should face the reality of the Niger Delta question.

“His tribal warlords and conflict merchants have hypnotized him to believe lies in the Niger Delta struggle.

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“The daylight robbery and allocation of proceeds of our natural resources must stop.

“We want to control our resources and pay appropriate tax to the central government.

“No amount of military action and surge will stop us from halting the flow of oil from our land to sustain Nigeria.

“This is our land that we are the masters of its battlefields.

“We have warned earlier that we want the ‘Peace with honor, no more peace of our time,” General Mudoch said.