Will this not create more enemies for Buhari?

Simply put, the House of Representatives padded the 2016 budget by ₦0.5 trillion naira and Buhari is aware.

Let that sink.

Think: to what extent did the Nigerian Senate pad its own budget?

And again: How much padding did ministries, departments and agencies add to their budget?

To what extent have State Governors and local government chairmen padded their budgets?

We may not tell, but if we lump these governing bodies together and do a thorough budget analysis, the result will be shocking.

Imagine the thievery that has happened in the past 17 years of our nascent democracy.

This was part of the reasons President Muhammadu Buhari refused to accent to the 2016 appropriation bill in the first place.

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Truth is, the President has given his nod for a forensic probe of the ₦0.5 trillion naira padding.

The Department of State Services, DSS, is already scrutinizing some potentially incriminating documents.

DSS collected the documents from a former Chairman of the House of Representatives Appropriation Committee, Abdulmumin Jibrin.

The documents detailed how Speaker Dogara and three other wrote and demanded that the budget be padded for them.

Honorable Abdulmunin Jibrin made copies of the documents and handed same to the police as the investigation started.

Jibrin wrote a petition to security agencies accusing Speaker Dogara, his deputy, Yusuf Lasun; the House Whip, Alhassan Doguwa, and the Minority Leader, Leo Ogor, of padding the budget.

In one of the demand notes, the speaker was to get N3bn; deputy speaker ₦2.55bn.

The total sharing largess totaled ₦17.5 bn.

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Alien projects totaling 2,000 were inserted into the budget and monies assigned to each.

These ballooned the 2016 budget to ₦0.5 trillion!

A top government officer said, “You know he (Buhari) is close to Dogara.

“But he will not stop the security agencies from investigating anybody,” the source said.

DSS has also sealed off the secretariat of the Committee on Appropriation.

Two unarmed officers of the agency blocked the entrance to the secretariat as of 4.40pm yesterday.

The operatives barred the Clerk to the Committee, Dr. Abel Ochigbo, from entering his office.

Although Ochigbo and other members of staff were in possession of the keys to the secretariat, they were not allowed access into the office.

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The operative, told Ochigbo, “No, no; you cannot enter there please.”

Ochigbo later explained that “I think it is to safeguard the place because of the issues going on.

“These people (DSS) are our colleagues from other departments.

“There are sergeant-at-arms personnel here.

“I assure you that everything is intact inside the office.

“Nothing has been vandalized. No member of staff has been harassed for whatever reason,” Ochigbo said.

It is already open secret that APC leadership wants to remove the Senate President.

Since Buhari has taken on the House or Representatives’ leadership, can he stand it should the two chambers unite against him?

Dogara should be tried; Saraki too. Nigerians are keenly watching how APC plans on resolving the crisis.