Yorubas hate the North because of our resources – Tanko

Alhaji Tanko Yakasai has revealed that the current agitation to restructure Nigeria was an age long ploy by Yorubas and the South-West to undermine the Northern region.

Tanko Yakassai explained that the desire was driven by envy and hate for the northern geopolitical zone.

Yakasai said “from Action Group to UPN, to NADECO to PRONACO, the agitation for restructuring is concentrated among the South-West people of southern Nigeria.

“The whole aggression originated form Action Group, and the intention was to deny the North the benefit of the population and land mass.

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“It is therefore a gang up to deprive the north the benefits it is getting for been richly endowed.

“The Yoruba’s hate us for owning and controlling a large portion of Nigeria. This agitation is not driven by patriotism.

“It is driven by hate and envy and this campaign started with some politicians in the south west way back in 1959.

This is a rather fascinating revelation by Tanko Yakassai.

For this perception or misconception the northerners have continued to shoot down the kite of agitation for restructuring of the nation.

It is now glaring the historical facts behind the born to rule sentiments.

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Yakassai has boldly stated that the need to jealously guard the seat of power is not born out of patriotism would remain the reason for the vehement rejection for the call for restructuring of the nation.

Now the question is what position does tussle between the South-West and North situate people of other ethnic nationalities?

This reminds one of story of the proverbial squirrel.

The small squirrel does not own an oil palm tree neither does the large squirrel. Yet, both of always fight on account of oil palm trees.