You will not believe what Tinubu just did for Buhari

Bola Tinubu is a strategist. Some call him a political calculator.

His involvement in Ondo politics is not without reason.

The grand plan is ensure Buhari’s victory in 2019.

To do this, APC has to seize the reigns of power in Ondo as the tenure of the incumbent Governor expires soon.

His plan has however ruffled some feathers as the state secretariat of APC in Ondo is under lock and key.

Lockdown of the secretariat was perpetrated by a protesting mob of APC members who claim to have impeached their State chairman.

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The group forcefully took over the state secretariat, shutting the gates against the chairman, Kekemeke.

They thereafter announced the appointment of one Saka Ogunleye as their new chairman.

Trouble started when it was rumored that Bola Tinubu has anointed a candidate for the Governorship primaries election slated for August 27th.

The aggrieved members said their former chairman, Kekemeke, had gone to Lagos to meet Tinubu after which he allegedly endorsed a candidate.

Addressing newsmen, the protesters said “Since Kekemeke came back from Lagos, he has made serious efforts to enforce the endorsement.

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“Kekemeke openly informed the state executive committee that Bola Tinubu had endorsed an aspirant.

“Kekemeke is hereby suspended as the State Chairmen of APC.

“This is to pave way for a free, fair and credible primary election.

“We want an officer of the party from APC’s National Secretariat to conduct the primary election.

Recall that an APC governorship aspirant, Tunji Abayomi, had written a letter to Tinubu alleging that Tinubu was interfering with the democratic process in the state.

Abayomi described Tinubu as a “Man who frustrates the democratic aspirations of Nigerians through his dictatorial tendencies.”

Tinubu countered Abayomis’s stance claiming he had right to support whomever he chose to.

According to Tinubu, “You have been a friend and will continue to be.

“I appreciate all that you have done in the pursuit of a more just and democratic Nigeria.

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“However, your letter to me is an impetuous display of a man seeking the highest leadership position in his state.

“And as a lawyer you well know that one cannot seek equity without having done equity,” Tinubu told Abayomi.

The rumored imposition led to a defection of one governorship aspirant, Mr. Niran Sule Akinsuyi, to PDP

Niran had since picked the governorship nomination form in his new party.

In the face of the imbroglio, Kekemeke appeared unruffled.

Kekemeke said “You know our party is a progressive party and what happened today is part of the vibrancy in the party.

“I am not angry because people are free to express how they feel especially given the fact that APC has a high propensity to win the coming election.

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“To seek endorsement from anyone is normal in a democratic process.

“it is political illiteracy to be angry because someone got endorsed and you did not get the endorsement, which you also sought.

“The aspirants have been going around seeking endorsements.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong if anyone got endorsed.

“I can assure that everyone will still have to submit themselves for primaries.

“We promise that a candidate will emerge through a free and fair election,” Kekemeke said.

If Tinubu successfully captures all South West States for APC, then Buhari is sure to win the 2019 elections.